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Bodyguard™ blanket was specifically designed for two functions:
(1.) …as a bullet resistant body cover to protect against school incursions, and the weapons assailants commonly use.
(2.) …as a protective body cover to be used during tornadoes and damaging weather.

School Incursions
Bodyguard™ blanket is composed of two advanced ballistic materials that provide a level of protection consistent with the Level llla, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard. This standard is commonly used for law enforcement body armor in the United States of America. Recognition and acceptance of the NIJ standard has grown worldwide, making it the performance benchmark for ballistic-resistant body armor. Not only does the Bodyguard™ blanket prevent penetration of many caliber ammunitions, it also absorbs the bullet’s energy to a significant degree, thereby lessening blunt force trauma incurred on the body.

Our extensive laboratory testing estimates the Bodyguard blanket can absorb approximately 490-660 joules of energy or 361-486 foot pound force. 

As a bullet enters the Bodyguard™ blanket, its incredibly strong materials “catch” and deform the bullet. This deformation of the bullet occurs within the layers of the blanket, and allows a high degree of energy absorption. (See Figure #1)


About MaxProtecht Bodyguard Blanket
About MaxProtecht Bodyguard Blanket
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