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"Safeguarding the Body Via Cutting Edge Technology"

ProTecht, L.L.C., is a world-class innovator of protective products that enhance the safety of individuals while participating in many different activities and environments. ProTecht™ researched and developed the Bodyguard™ blanket in order to provide superior protection for children and teachers while at school. Bodyguard™ blanket is one of the newest and most thoroughly tested bullet and tornado projectile resistant products in the market today. ProTecht™ products are manufactured in the United States at our award winning manufacturing center located in Oklahoma. (Our manufacturing center, located in Miami, OK, won the 2013 Oklahoma Governor’s Leadership Award.)

Many of the same materials used by the U.S. military are used in the manufacturing of ProTecht™ products. Our products are rigorously tested by award-winning leaders and preeminent university scholars in association with law enforcement, public safety, and research to meet or exceed industry standards. We are committed to producing the most technologically advanced protective products in the most challenging environments.

ProTecht L.L.C. often partners with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and local school districts to help provide Bodyguard™ blankets to schools across the nation. To learn more about partnering with ProTecht, L.L.C., or to contribute to programs that provide protective products for schools in your area, contact us at s.schone@protechtusa.com.

About MaxProtecht Bodyguard Blanket
About MaxProtecht Bodyguard Blanket
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